4 de septiembre de 2014

Cauldron Peiper Vs Udarny (Zelang) 25/7/2014 (11/3/1945) 1700 pts.

Hi! We got a new battlereport between Zelang & Butcher001.
Zelang got a Udarny Strelkovy from Red Bear, like a "hero" list passing checks at 3+ but with option to take "no-hero" support for less points.

Here is its list.
Compulsory Udarny Strelkovy Batalon HQ (p.53) - CinC Rifle, 2iC Rifle, Battalion Komissar (40 pts)
- Sapper Platoon - 5x Pioneer Rifle, Supply Horse-drawn wagon (130 pts)
Compulsory Udarny Strelkovy Company (p.54) - Command Rifle/MG, 8x Rifle/MG (190 pts)
- Maksims HMG - Maksim HMG (25 pts)
Compulsory Udarny Strelkovy Company (p.54) - Command Rifle/MG, 8x Rifle/MG (190 pts)
Shock Scout Platoon (p.55) - Command SMG, 4x SMG (165 pts)
Shock Heavy Mortar Company (p.57) - Command Rifle, 4x 120-PM-38 mortar (125 pts)
Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy Company (p.46) - Command IS-2 obr 1943, 2x IS-2 obr 1943, 3x SMG Tank Escort (435 pts)
- .50 Cal AA MG - 3x .50 Cal AA MG for IS-2 (15 pts)
Flame Tank Company (p.134) - Command OT-34/85 obr 1943, 4x OT-34/85 obr 1943 (220 pts)
Tank Destruction Company (p.136) - Command Rifle, 4x 57mm ZIS-2 gun (165 pts)
1700 Points, 7 Platoons

As usual, I take my Peiper's Panthers, but at 1700.
Kampfgruppe Peiper
Compulsory SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper HQ (p.11) - CinC Panther G, 2iC Panther G (325 pts)
Compulsory SS-Panzer Platoon (p.11) - Command Panther G, 4x Panther G (815 pts)
SS-Panzer Platoon (p.11) - Command Panzer IV J, 2x Panzer IV J (225 pts)
Gepanzerte SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon (p.12) - Command MG, 4x MG, 3x Sd Kfz 251/1 half-track (145 pts)
- Command Upgrade - Upgrade Command MG to Command Panzerfaust SMG, 4x Upgrade MG to Panzerfaust MG (must upgrade all MG) (50 pts)
SS-Canon Platoon (p.14) - Command Sd Kfz 251/9D (7.5cm), 3x Sd Kfz 251/9D (7.5cm) (140 pts)
1700 Points, 4 Platoons

The table:

It’s a russian/west poland table, with crop fields, some woods and a farm in the middle.

The mission:
Last night a soviet shock battalion tried to break through the german lines. Although they achieved some success in their advance they got cut from their lines and had to dug in the hills overwatching the farm.
Kampfgruppe Armored Group Peiper from Leibstandarte had been redirected to seal the gap before the soviets can meet with their comrades and include their gains to their line.


Zelang deployed first, getting the big udarny with sappers and the 57mm on the groung and the IS-2 in ambush.

For my part I decided to deploy PzIV and Panther, hoping to attract his AT on my Panthers and then take the other three from the other side.
As no deployment zone was available for me, no Spearhead could be made.

Russian Deployment
German deployment
First turn I move my Panthers and PzIV to get a flank on the enemy. His IS-2 deployed behind the hill at long range, firing on my Panthers with two shots and on the PzIV with another one. Both shots on the Panthers bounce off but the last IS-2 hits on the PzIV and blows it up. Three shots, three hits…
Then his ZIS open up on the PzIV achieving only two hits. Both failing its saves and then fails firepower… PzIV pass their morale.
The Panther platoon shows up first turn on the table behind the IS. I remount both PzIV and get them behind a wood. For the moment they are not useful and cannot trade shots with ZIS nor with IS…
The German reaction fire is effective destroying one IS and bailing two at long range. He passes morale and keep them on the fight!

On the second turn he moves his surviving IS-2 to fire on the Panthers, leaving the 57mm gone to ground as he thinks they would survive better.
The IS-2 nails one Panther with its shot. Today the soviet gunners are true heroes!
In its turn the germans panthers near the ZIS fire on them and pin them before closing into a deadly assault, first blood for the germans!
On the other side, the surviving panthers have moved to better firing positions, firing on the IS, hitting them with two of their three shots but the soviet steel bounces them all!

It’s the turn of the soviets and some OT34/85 make their appearance on the battlefield. The IS-2 aims on the Panthers as he know that firing on the doubling Stummels is not enough to stop them. The T34s fire on the PzIV needing 6’s to hit. They get 3 of their 6 shots! Being at long, one shot is bounced, but the other two get into the armour. Neither PzIV is blown, but both are bailed, they check morale and pass. The IS-2 fires on the Panthers, but the gunner misses his aim and fails.
The german pzgrenadier arrives and doubles to get near the stummels and the panthers, now we are olding an objective, but he has lots of men to throw and get an endless battle…

The PzIV remount and fire on the OT34s missing, the Panthers, being repositioned fire on them, nailing one. At last the Panthers on the left hit the thin side armor of the IS-2 destroying, another for the LAH!

The following turns are a little confused, all remaining Russian troops arrive, the OTs get into cover from the Panthers and open fire, getting nothing. The mortars set up and nail two Stummels, the Russian infantry begin a firefight with the grenadiers and kill lots of stands, but they hold.

The Panthers fire on stationary on the OTs, killing them all. Then the PzIV move to assault range of the mortars as the Panthers fire and assault the infantry, losing noPanthers and sending the Russian platoon to morale. The Russians fail, then the commander and the komissar fail. They are on company morale and having no CiC or 2iC lose the battle.

Zelan: (I’ve put them as he sent me in an e-mail, in Spanish).
1) La lista era una udarny basada en un gran peloton para que tuviese el quantity of cuality.La lista eran 7 pelotones de los cuales 3 eran antitanques los is 2 los ot34 85 y los zis 2 estos dos ultimos con at bajo para los tanques medios pesados alemanes panthers tigers etc de los cuales a larga le rebotan la mitad de los proyectiles.
La lista no es mala solo que como te vuelen los is te quedas en pañales porque no tienes fuego de reaccion ni te puedes poner a mantener un fire vs fire ante panteras alemanes otro punto de la lista es que tambien dependiendo de la mision que te toque.
2) La mision la ratonera o el caldero es una putada para el defensor el cual despliega en mi caso 3 pelotones uno en emboscada inmediata y el atacante despliega la mitad de sus pelotones y despliega a tu alrededor al igual que las reservas mientras que el defensor tiene que tirar para ver por donde entra lo cual te va a agobiar durante toda la partida otro punto es que EL ATACANTE PONEN LOS OBJETIVOS seran nazis¡¡¡ Esto aplica cierta ventaja por que puede decidri que pelotones le vienen mejor para poder capturar uno de los dos objetivos.
3) El tablero estaba molongo no tengo que decir mas sobre esto
4)  El planteamiento de la partida como siempre que juego con rafa empieza mal los panteras eran superiores a los tanques que llevaba proporcion 2 a 1 para los tanques que les podian destruir decidi desplegar los zis los is (emboscada inmediata) y una de udarny a la que le uni los mandos de la compañia y los zapadores luego en reserva decidi dejar otra udarny, morteros, ot34-85 y los scout.Cuando murieron los is ya estaba todo perdido y no se pudo hacer mas nada :(
5)Conclusion como siempre que juego con rafa me lo paso superbien y la lista creo que solo hay que meterle mas at pero eso de que sean falso veterant se nota asin que nada a dal cela y pulil cela a la lista 
Butcher: Well, a good fight, cauldron puts the strain on the defender as he gets enemies on all the sides and only begin to receive forces on turn three onwards. Udarny is a great list having very tough defenses with their infantry and allowing cheap support no being all hero units.
For my part, my men worked as I expected, winning the firefights, once the mobile and AT enemy units were killed there was no option for the win for my opponent. Good fight Zelan!

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